Friday, December 16, 2016

Things You Missed

For the past few years it seems like I'm constantly playing catch up in all avenues of my life.  I have always been a high energy person with one speed- FAST!  Lupus SLE keeps teaching me over and over that the multi-tasking process with 12 to 20 projects can no longer coexist with my very human body.  Over and over I am humbled, frustrated, overwhelmed and eventually come full circle to grateful. If I had never gotten sick, I most likely would never allowed myself the pleasure of experimenting and exploring my creative side to these depths.  So I've taken a sabbatical from teaching and plan on focusing on TWO, only TWO projects this winter (January to April/May 2017).  I'm going to try again, to have balance and good health in my life.  

In this post, I hope to add things that I didn't "report" on over the dizzying activities of the past two years.  My blog got left out of the list of priorities when I was over committing myself in every way possible. Any spaces in between were for naps. LOL.

In August 2016, Jeremy Grunin interviewed me during his morning talk show.  Wake Up (with?) Jeremy Grunin.  WOBM 1160 / 1310AM  with the tag line: Get Up, Get Out and Do Something!  You can catch that interview here:

Feel free to post questions or comments- I promise to check here at least once a week.  My new year resolution.  I'm starting early this year for next year or is that, I'm starting late this year, to be early for next year.....


riverguy07 said...

Only TWO? We'll see... all the best to you in 2017!!

YoYo said...

LOL. You know me too well. I'm going to try.