Friday, October 22, 2021

 I am going to start being more active here.  I got rid of my website and plan on using this instead- a place you can see my work and keep up with events.  I keep hoping I can get back to teaching, but it seems just as one medical issue resolves and things settle for a few weeks,  then something else “breaks” - I’m a Lupie!  I have Lupus SLE along with multiple other autoimmune diseases with some serious complications.  I like to say that it’s a blessing because I probably would not have pursued a career in art had I not gotten ill.  I absolutely love what I do.  Starting and running a practice management consulting and medical billing company was quite a challenge and I did it!  But it was never my life long dream- it was a means to an end.  In the mid 90’s I researched what industries were up and coming and which had the ability to be done from home, so I could be there for my children, Neil and Alyse.  I officially launched it in 1998 and put it completely to rest around 2017.  Nearly 20 years, eeek.  In 2003 I decided to go back to school for a Bachelor’s in Glass Art.  At the time, there were only a few schools across the country that offered a BA in Glass.  After a semester, I decided that it was just too hard.  It was the commute that made it a problem.  2 hours ONE way.  So 4 hours of driving twice a week and all my classes were on Tuesday and Thursday, meaning I got up around 5 am and got home at Midnight.   My MIL moved in with us during that time and I was still raising Neil and Alyse.  Since school was out, I bought books.  A LOT of books.  I am mostly self taught besides that one college semester.  By 2005/6 I felt that I was skilled enough to start teaching and selling my work.  I also started an art organization specifically for Downtown Toms River - TRAC [Toms River Artist Community].  Soooo, here I am.   

I do commissions and sell my work online- a lot of people purchase my work as soon as I post it on Facebook/Instagram.    I mail anywhere in the USA.  If you are willing to pay the astronomical shipping fees to other countries, I’m game. :) 

Since teaching is pretty much a done deal - I am hoping to make some tutorials using You Tube.  You can always contact me- I could still do private lessons that are one on one, but I do not have the stamina for group classes.  

Thank you for your continued support.  

You can send a message through this blog or email me directly :    I usually respond within 48 hours but sometimes my medical issues cause me to be a little slower.  Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Reception for the Ocean Wave addition to Barnegat Bronte Mural

 A large ocean wave was added to the Barnegat Bronte mosaic mural. Toms River Schools Art Teachers, Intermediate South and Donovan Catholic High School all contributed fused glass fish and ceramic tiles. Total participants - 500+. Come help us celebrate another beautiful addition of public art in Downtown Toms River and then enjoy the Harvest Arts Festival taking place just 1/2 block away on Washington St! This event is free. Souveneir fish necklaces will be available for purchase!

In case you haven't found the fish mosaic on Facebook, here is a link:

#YvonneYaar #BarnegatBronte #FishMosaicDowntownTomsRiver #FishTomsRiver

Friday, July 21, 2017

Adding an Ocean Wave to Barnegat Bronte

Here's some great publicity by The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation. for Barnegat Bronte:

"Want to have fun AND make others smile? There are lots of great community projects happening right now in our area. Check them out here!
Thank you to our friends for their input. Please visit their pages to see all of the wonderful things they are doing in our community.
Toms River Rocks! #TomsRiverRocks
Toms River Moving Forward Community
Barnegat Bronte- Fish Mosaic for Downtown Toms River"

#BarnegatBronte  #FishMosaic #YvonneYaar
"Downtown Toms River

0 0 What better time to get outdoors and do something fun with your friends and family? There are many exciting community projects happening around Toms River and Ocean County right now. Whether you like art, gardening or helping…

Procrastination or Perpetually Overwhelmed?

Probably both.  I would love to have time to post on here on a more regular basis and my website has been neglected for a long time too!  So I will post some today and try to post at least once a week....Here's a video that Sandra Levine made last summer.  She was there recording the ribbon cutting for the Barnegat Bronte mosiac mural in Downtown Toms River @218 Main St.  Mayor Kelaher and other individuals along with me, helped celebrate the murals completed installment.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Monmouth Museum Presents Member Miniatures

Any event at the Monmouth Museum is worth checking out, but this night I think is extra special.  Besides the fabulous mini art, the main gallery is exhibiting simultaneously their annual juried show.

Opening Reception:  January 14th, 2017  4-6pm

Happy New Year!!!  

My entry will be the study I made last year.  If you scroll down you will see it.  Title:  Arms Race.  Of course the images of any of glass work, never do them justice.  Come see it and all of the other fabulous art January 14th!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Things You Missed

For the past few years it seems like I'm constantly playing catch up in all avenues of my life.  I have always been a high energy person with one speed- FAST!  Lupus SLE keeps teaching me over and over that the multi-tasking process with 12 to 20 projects can no longer coexist with my very human body.  Over and over I am humbled, frustrated, overwhelmed and eventually come full circle to grateful. If I had never gotten sick, I most likely would never allowed myself the pleasure of experimenting and exploring my creative side to these depths.  So I've taken a sabbatical from teaching and plan on focusing on TWO, only TWO projects this winter (January to April/May 2017).  I'm going to try again, to have balance and good health in my life.  

In this post, I hope to add things that I didn't "report" on over the dizzying activities of the past two years.  My blog got left out of the list of priorities when I was over committing myself in every way possible. Any spaces in between were for naps. LOL.

In August 2016, Jeremy Grunin interviewed me during his morning talk show.  Wake Up (with?) Jeremy Grunin.  WOBM 1160 / 1310AM  with the tag line: Get Up, Get Out and Do Something!  You can catch that interview here:

Feel free to post questions or comments- I promise to check here at least once a week.  My new year resolution.  I'm starting early this year for next year or is that, I'm starting late this year, to be early for next year.....

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm working on several art pieces and hoping to exhibit a few soon.  I'm also working on functional pieces (YaarWare) and jewelry.  I send these pieces out to Hot Sand in Asbury Park, NJ, The Monmouth Museum in Lincroft, NJ and The National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia [PA].

Here is a sneak peek of a study I just completed.  This is only 2 x 4 inches.  The final work will be approximately 10 x 12 inches.  It may look similar to this, it may not! LOL.  The concept will definitely remain the same.

Title:  Arms Race
Medium: Fused and kiln formed glass with clay frame.
Comments/ Feedback welcome.