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The Art of Recovery

The Art of Recovery
Yvonne Yaar
Artist Statement
Monmouth Museum Emerging Artists 2008-2009

Primary Medium: Glass
Forms of Glass Art used: Flameworked, Fused, Kiln-formed and Slumped

As a child, I witnessed a demonstration of glass blowing. I have been mesmerized by glass ever since. In 2004, I followed a dream of working with glass. It was one of the bravest things I have ever done. I enjoy the challenge, thrill in it but also have my difficult days too. Creativity is not something that can be called upon by demand, it must be inspired. I am also constantly surprised by how much engineering is involved in my art. To me, the application of glass seems endless, only stopped by the limits of my own imagination. All that I see, feel and hear, influences what I do. My past, my present and perceived future. My art reflects all this and my philosophy on life.

A recent reflection on the affects that drugs and alcohol have had on my life, prompted me to work on a series of pieces that would convey how addiction has affected my life and the lives of those I love.

Addiction runs in my family on both sides. My great grandmother was an opium addict; there were alcoholics, and heroin addicts. I am not sure that I truly have the addiction gene. As a teenager and young adult, I was painfully introverted- alcohol helped me become more extroverted. Today, because I believe that sometimes I want to drink alcohol for the purpose of stress relief, I worry that it could turn into a habit. It is the knowledge of this desire for a “relief from reality” that gives me an awareness. This awareness keeps me from drinking on a regular basis. Happily I now get a “relief from reality” by immersing myself in art.

The alcohol and drug related experiences I’ve had, I believe have made me a very different person than I might have been. As is true about any human that lives long enough, I have had my share of pain and loss. As with most people, these difficult events affected who I am and how I perceive life. Art and humor are extremely important to me. They are my “coping skills”. Art and humor are therapeutic tools. Humor helps me to be grateful for what is good in my life. Art has been an important part of my life and a way I can express and reveal myself without taking a drink, a way to work through depression or express joy. My art is a look into my soul, a soul that has endured, overcome and triumphed. My art is my recovery.

Works 2,3,4,7,and 8: all relate to an addiction and recovery theme, some of it expressed with humor.
Works 1,5 and 6: all relate to celebrating life, seeing joy in the world around me. Self affirmations.

Yvonne Yaar
Art List

Monmouth Museum Emerging Artists 2008-2009

1 Yaar Lighthearted Flameworked & Fused Glass ~8 x 9 2007 325.00
2 Yaar The Addiction Gene Slumped, Recycled Glass ~17 x 27 2008 795.00
3 Yaar Jisth One More-The Progression of Alcoholism Slumped Glass 11 x 14 2008 895.00
4 Yaar Paranoia, Self Destroya Flamedworked Glass sewn on leather 8 x10 2006 425.00
4a Yaar “ “ “ -close up
5 Yaar Beautiful, Intelligent &Multi-Talented Flameworked, Fused & Slumped Glass 12 x 15 2007 995.00
6 Yaar Yellow Cityscape Fused Glass ~8 x 9 2007 295.00
7 Yaar Shattered Dream Flameworked & Fused Glass 9 x 10 2007 695.00
8 Yaar Glamor of Alcohol Mixed Media 16 x 23 2008 395.00
8a Yaar “ “ “ -close up

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