Monday, October 20, 2008

Naked Musicians

Hey, I was going through paperwork, slowly trying to get my house in order and I found two poems I wrote in Dec 1986. It was written while I was still in Bloomington attending Indiana University. The paper I'm copying from is the original- yellowed and tattered.

Let me set it up, I had just finished dating a major poopyhead - I was depressed-beginning to think there was no one out there for me.
(geez- I was only 23)

Musician as a Whole

Musicians as a Whole
Should be sent naked to the North Pole
They are egotistical and conceited slime & for you they have no time

They call and cancel dates at the last minute
Or don't even show because they forget it

Excuse me, But I'm a human with feelings, I don't like being treated like banana peelings

Just you wait, it'll all Catch up to you
Maybe I'll be the one to see it through

They'll all talk about your sad demise
I'll be at home with a smile in my eyes

So you self centered sluts beware
Soon you'll be losing more than your hair...

So just keep on playing those instruments and remember with me, your not even as important as belly hole lint.

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Shazza said...

Major Poopyhead eh? You should check out Poetikat's poetry sometime: She's pretty funny.