Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More 23 Year Old Love Lorn Dribble

So here is the second poem written the same afternoon while sitting in a park in Bloomington, IN, trying to laugh my way out of my depression and trying to figure out why I always fall for the WRONG guys....thankfully I did figure it out, but not until my early 30's.....everyone has their own learning curve I suppose and my art and who I am are derived from the culmination of all these experiences.

Is There a Mate for Me

Is there a mate for me,
One that won't mind how often I pee.

One that is fun enough to bounce me on his knee,
And has eyes the color of the Caribbean Sea.

I'm not interested in him to marry,
Nor his baby to carry.

Just looking for mutual respect and admiration,
Not salvation.

I keep trying to find this man, but all I do is get hurt,
Is it because I'm just not alert?

Will it always be this way,
Will all I do is pay?

The "I hate men" phase is beginning again,
It seems such a sin.

At least I know that I'm not the only one,
A sad comfort but it keeps me from seeking a gun.

Is this man just in my dreams
-So it seems.

Maybe if I burst my bubble
I'd stay out of trouble.

But is that really life-
Would I be among the living?
God, I'm tired of giving.

They take, take, take,
Always on the make.

Well for now I'll crawl into my hole
And nurse my soul.

I'll hide behind my hair and
Act like I don't care. ......[oops, there are two more lines, as soon as I find them, I'll post them.....}

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