Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hanging the Tree

Well yesterday was a nerve racking but exciting day. I was anxious to get The Healing Tree hung at AtlantiCare and they graciously sent over some great guys to help me. My friend Sally came along to help keep me calm and sane! It was a beautiful experience for me -watching it go up. Looking at it spread out on my floor- standing on one of my bar stools for height/distance, just didn't have the same effect! So I pulled out my camera. Dennis changed the batteries for me, so I would be sure to be prepared for 100's of shots! Aaaaand, the darn thing didn't work- it's broken. So no photos! The opening is June 18th, I will have to get shots of it then or ask their professional photographer to share one of his shots with me. I will post it when I can.....Thank you to all my friends and family who helped me through the past crazy 5 weeks of slinging clay, 3 am kiln exchanges, name suggestions, happy dances and kiln god praying! Your support and happy wishes meant a lot. Special thanks to my husband Dennis and daughter Lyssy, who put up with clay and broken glass, large glass sheets, and various glass or clay paraphnelia all over the dining, living and kitchen.....what a mess I have to clean now!

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