Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time for the Gala Opening!

I've been thinking a lot lately about the professional side of art. The intense frustrations, what sometimes seem insurmountable problems, the excitement of a new idea, the exciting process of engineering and planning the new piece, the creative process in general, the long hours - the 24/7 days .....and I started laughing about how I used to think an Artists' life was so glamorous. GLAM......not! Don't get me wrong, sometimes there is some glamour, but the majority of the process is full of S T R U G G L E. LOL.

Tonight is the opening gala for the new AtlantiCare Cancer Center. While I am very happy that this amazing building and the caring people it holds, is finally open to help the many, many people dealing with Cancer, I am selfishly sad that the opening will not have my piece on show. We decided it needed a different hanging system and there was not enough time to rehang it with the new system. So the opening is bittersweet. I'd like to think that my art will help someone feel better, will help lift their spirits, bring a smile to their face, inspire, heal- lofty goals I guess but wow, it would make me feel great if it helped someone feel a little better. I would also like to further my career- to gain exposure for my work. Ironic that it is a Chronic illness that allows me to allow myself to be an artist. This project in particular, makes me feel I have come full circle. And now a new circle or path will begin. I sense it. I'm tired but I'm ready.


sallyc1 said...

Hey Yvonne! Go and enjoy! Talk about your wonderful Tree of Life to everyone! Bring pictures! We stand behind you! Love to you, Sally

neetzy said...

You are doing a good thing! I am amazed at what you do with your art.