Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finally - a blog name I can live with :)

Yep - I did it again. This time I'm keeping it. I think I started this blog about 2 years ago and really didn't do much with it in the beginning. I've changed the name three times and I think this last one is / fits me the best. :) The first was An Artist's Life or something like that, then Glass Fanatic, which is true, but Playing with Fire, appeals to the kid in me and it's exactly what I do :) Mom always said "don't play with fire" and "stop doing that or you'll put someone's eye out", so I posted some of my glass eye balls here. LOL.


Meandering Artist said...

Yo! This is a hot name for yo blog
missy Yo-Yo

YoYo said...

LOL, thanks Meandering. YO, YO YO sighning off.

Denise Stevens said...

This is so you!