Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sometimes you feel like a nut......

As I was walking past my kitchen counter this morning, I noticed two very small pieces of paper. In my last art project (photo in my last blog entry), I had been digging through magazines, newspapers, phone books, old books, etc trying to find the words I needed to complete my collage. I cut each word out and pasted it to the canvas - kind of ransom note style. Well my clean up was a bit spotty and two words were under the kitchen counter. YOU and stuff. I found this hysterical. Ok, so I'm easily amused. :) So I grabbed my camera and giggled while I was snapping away.

And so I introduce to you:
I have Stuff Under My Table and
I Swept YOU Under the Table.


Alyse said...


Denise Stevens said...

I totally get you. You crack me up!

Poetikat said...

It's a real shame, but it's taken me this long to check your blog out, Yvonne. So, here I am!

I just raked a ton of "stuff" off my living room rug. That's the last time I buy cotton. (Four cats - I have two options: spin the tumbleweeds into high quality exclusive yarn, or fabricate a fifth cat.)

I don't "follow" anymore because my addictive personality got me into a lot of trouble last time (over 200 blogs) and I had to cut them all loose, BUT, I will add you to my feed reader, okay?

I'm in the middle of putting together a poetry collection to self-publish, so I'm not doing much visiting, but when I see your name on FB it will remind me, so with any luck, I'll remember to stop in.


Art Starved said...

@ Poetikat: Thanks for checking it out Kat. You are always welcome to visit whether it be once a week or once a year :) I fully intended to have an entry once a week, but I have another blog and various other responsibilities and it seems difficult for me to post that often. LOL on the cats and their fur.
Even though we've never met, I feel like we are cousins or something, you seem familiar like a family member- in a good way, that is!