Thursday, April 15, 2010

March 22nd, 2010, approximately 7:15pm

My apologies for taking so long to write or "show and tell" my new creations. I don't think I will forget the date I posted above, for a long time. I was involved in a Hit & Run automobile accident (as opposed to a hit and run mugging-LOL).

Has anyone seen a Ford F250 Truck (newer model) with dark paint (it was dark and raining that night- I have no idea of the color) with damage to it's front end, driver side? I would guess the person driving lives in or near Toms River, NJ.

I was coming home after picking up my art work in Long Branch (about an 80 mile round trip) and about 150 feet from my driveway- the truck crossed the center line and came at me head on. YIKES! He was right on top of me when he crossed the line- I reacted as quickly as possible, yanked my steering wheel to the right to avoid a head on collision. He didn't realize he was on the wrong side until immediately before collision - so has he swerved back into his lane, he connected with my driver's side back panel. I lost control of my Prius and slammed into a telephone pole.

Witnesses (thank goodness there were some) said they heard two LOUD Bangs. Once when the truck connected with me and another when I connected with the pole.

I'm thinking of getting photos of the pole and making art- any suggestions?

In any case, it's almost been a month, so I am doubtful the police will catch this person. I took an ambulence ride to Community Medical Center and fortunately escaped with only minor injuries. A tear in the muscle of my right arm (maybe when I flew my arms over my face just before impact- maybe the airbag hit my arm with such force to cause the tear) and a lot of bruises. Lower back and neck are sore- I was jolted in two directions, so no surprise there.

As Gilda Radnar ( I loved her!) used to say "It's always something, If it's not one thing, it's another...."

So drive safely and defensively! And if you see a truck with damage to it's front driver side headlight, bumper or fender- call the Toms River Police Dept @ 732-349-0150

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