Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Classes in Warm Glass

I teach both privately (in Toms River)and throughout the state of New Jersey in various locations. To name just a few:
Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts in LBI, Rainbow Art Glass in Wall, and Idiosyncrazies in Pt. Pleasant, etc. You may contact me for private lessons or ask for my schedule at public locations.

Warm Glass:
The term warm glass refers to fusing, slumping, kiln formed, and other glass processes which take place at high temperatures in a special oven called a kiln.

Glass fusing is the process of using a special hot oven- called a kiln, to join together pieces of layered glass. If you apply heat to glass, it will soften. Typically, as the kiln reaches temperatures between 1200-1400(F) degrees, the glass will become more fluid and flow together. Two or more pieces of glass will melt together.

Bending and shaping glass using the high heat of a kiln is usually referred to as slumping. A mold is used to cause glass to take on the shape of a bowl or a similar object. Melting glass frit (very small pieces of glass) into a mold inside a kiln is called kiln forming or depending on the process, pate de verre. Kiln forming tends to be more complicated than fusing and slumping.


Flameworking is a contemporary term for Lampworking. Both are names for the same ancient art form. Flameworking is the ancient art of manipulating molten glass in front of a torch (fueled by propane and oxygen). Mapp gas torches without oxygen may also be used.

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